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About us

Our Primary Mission Is To Spread The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Through Thought Provoking Messaging On The Highest Quality Products Possible.


Feelingled is Christian organisation whose sole purpose is to spread the Gospel Of Jesus Christ to all the nations on earth. 


Is to create thought provoking messaging through: humour, arresting imagery and evangelistic messaging. 


We will have done our job when someone stops you in the street, at work, on the beach on asks "what does that mean"? It is then over to the wearer to explain the gospel in a relevant 

Be Relevant

At feelingled we believe that Christians should lead the way in fashion as a medium for sharing their beliefs to the world, not the other way round.

Feelingled does not exist purely for profit. Our vision is pay for a meal to one of our partner missions from every product sold. Our is to provide 10,000 meals in 2019. We love the work of Paulinho and Raquel Cerqueria who along with their tireless volunteers step into areas that only Angels fear to tread ( the cracklands of Rio) bringing both food and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Apart from this they feed and school the kids of criminals serving time and any other child in the Favela who needs their love.

Raquel Cerqueria


Paulinho Cerqueria


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